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This survey:
Low-Carbon Lifestyle Online Survey
2018-02-23 00:00
Low-carbon life means trying to reduce the energy consumed, especially carbon dioxide emissions, in order to reduce carbon pollution, reduce atmospheric pollution, and slow ecological degradation. It mainly changes the details of life from the three links of power saving, gas saving and recycling.
1. Have you heard the term "low-carbon economy"? (Single choice)

Know the specific meaning Have heard of it, but do n’t know what it means never heard of that Does not care

2. Do you think a low-carbon lifestyle will affect your quality of life? (Single choice)

definitely will Not necessarily Certainly not Inexplicable

3. As you know, what are the current obstacles for residents to achieve a low-carbon lifestyle? (Single choice)

The lifestyle of many urban residents is still very extensive, as long as they are convenient and comfortable, regardless of ecological costs Consumption concept vanity, comparison psychology, too much pursuit of "broad", "luxury" Urbanization construction is too pursuit of "high", "big", "full" Lack of effective guidance, I do not know where to start a low-carbon lifestyle Low-carbon life is a systematic project, which is difficult to achieve only by the citizens' own strength

4. What actions are you willing to use to support low-carbon living actions? (Single choice)

Minimize the use of "disposable" household items Save water, electricity and gas Choose the mode of travel according to actual needs, and try to choose public transportation or walking Exchange, donate, rebuild excess waste and sort waste and waste Priority purchase of organically grown food Priority purchase of environmentally-friendly vehicles, energy-saving appliances, and water-saving appliances Participate in environmental activities

5. What is your main source of information on low-carbon lifestyles? (Single choice)

TV, radio the Internet Newspapers and magazines Billboards, car advertisements, body advertisements and various publicity boards Family, friends, colleagues, etc. Publicity activities of units and community organizations

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