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Moderator: Hello friends, everyone! I'm the host. Welcome to the live broadcast of the "Sunshine Government" political wind and hot line hosted by me. Today, who came to our live broadcast room was the staff of the Yizhong Group, the staff of the fire brigade of Zizhong County. 10-23 13:19
Moderator: Yi Staff, welcome to the live broadcast of "Sunshine Government Affairs" hotline program. While you are waiting for the hotline call, can you briefly introduce the functions and responsibilities of Zizhong County Fire Brigade? 10-23 13:19
Yi Ke: All right. First of all, I would like to thank the County Tourism Administration for providing a platform for us to have the opportunity to communicate with the audience of friends on issues related to work safety. I also hope that the audience can learn more about work safety and emergency management through this program. Here, on behalf of all the cadres and employees of the Zizhong County Fire Brigade, I would like to pay high respect and heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, departments at all levels, friends from all walks of life, and the general public who care about and support work safety. Before talking about the duties of our fire brigade, I need to introduce the fire reform to everyone in the audience: On October 9, 2018, the officers and men of the public security fire brigade collectively retired from active service. I believe that everyone has seen relevant news through the online media. Yes, on this day, the former public security fire brigade officially transferred to the emergency management department, marking the 53-year fire service active retirement from the historical stage. Today, a team of experience has been formed, called the National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team, and this is what we are now. Next, I will introduce the functions and duties of the fire brigade one by one to you: 10-23 13:19
Yike: 1. Publicize the fire safety education and training in the responsible area and popularize fire fighting knowledge. 2. Conduct regular fire inspections and urge relevant units and individuals to implement fire responsibility systems and eliminate fire hazards in a timely manner. 3. Establish fire inspection files in accordance with national regulations Set up fire prevention signs; 4. Grasp the roads in the area of responsibility, fire water sources, key units and key parts of fire safety, etc., and establish corresponding fire service data files; 5. Formulate accident handling and fire fighting plans for key units and parts of fire safety Organize regular drills; 6. Instruct and train staff who are volunteers in fire protection; 7. Fight fires, protect fire scenes, and assist relevant departments to investigate fire causes and handle fire accidents. 10-23 13:20
Moderator: This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People ’s Republic of China, and now “Daqing” has passed. Up to this year, please ask the staff officer Yi to give us a summary, okay? 10-23 13:20
Yi Ke: All right. The first is that the team remains highly stable. Take the lead in conducting political learning, in-depth implementation of the theme "do not forget the original intention, practice the precepts, act as" the theme education practice activities, and seriously carry out the "five major activities" ("big learning, big research, big discussion, big training, big competition"), insist Organize weekly ideological and political studies, make good "prevention shots", and ensure that the team members are ideologically aware and actionable. At present, all the commanders and soldiers of the brigade have a stable mind and mood, a positive working attitude, and the overall situation is improving. Second, the government attaches unprecedented importance to fire protection work. The county party secretary Zeng Tingfu, the head of the fire department and Zhang Wenbin, and other main leaders of the party and government have investigated and guided the firefighting work many times, and have repeatedly approved and confirmed the firefighting work; organized and carried out the 2019 countywide firefighting work meeting, and layered responsibility. Third, the level of fire prevention and control has been significantly improved. The brigade closely focuses on fire prevention and control in winter and spring and fire safety inspection in summer, and deploys to carry out major inspections on production safety and ten special rectification actions, preventing risks and ensuring safety to welcome Daqing, forest and grassland, and urban and rural fire prevention and control special activities. The brigade is listed to supervise two major fire hazard units Yinshan Town Hongzhan Co., Ltd. and Zizhong County Telecommunications Building, and urge the existing two major fire hazard units to accelerate the rectification of hidden hazards in accordance with the timetable and ensure that the rectification and correction of cases are scheduled. 10-23 13:26
Yike: Vigorously carry out fire-fighting publicity activities. Since this year, the Zizhong fire brigade has carried out community fire safety publicity by relying on Zizhong County's Wenmiao community, and has distributed more than 300 publicity materials. It has also conducted training sessions for grid staff in its jurisdictions once; key units have conducted trainings. 1 meeting; Zizhong County People's Hospital conducted 1 training session; 1 time passed on the love to the poor students of Zizhong 2 Middle School; and carried out the "Fire Training March" activity 3 times. The venues in the area have posted and broadcasted more than 7,251 fire propaganda knowledge through banner (24 units), LED display (78 units), etc., and a total of more than 30,000 people have been educated. As of now, a total of 796 units have been inspected, 672 fire hazards were found, 669 hazards were urged to be rectified, 541 notices of rectification orders were issued, 32 administrative penalty decisions were issued, and fines were 104,000 yuan. Fourth, the ability to win in actual combat has been continuously enhanced. The brigade carried out practical exercises such as high, low, large, and chemical according to the actual situation of the jurisdiction; organized commanders to go to key units in the jurisdiction and conducted "six familiarization" training on fire protection facilities; organized the commanders to understand the parameters and performance of equipment and equipment, and truly achieved Can operate, explain, maintain, and perform simple repairs. As of now, the squadron has received a total of 368 police officers, including 57 fires, 275 vehicles, more than 1,375 people, more than 8 rescuers, and 350,000 yuan worth of property. During daily life, learning, fire fighting and rescue, No casualties occurred. Okay, that's all. 10-23 13:27
Xiaoxiao: What are the precautions for home fire prevention in daily life? 10-23 13:28
Yike: In daily life, the main reason for fires in homes is accidental or improper use of fire, electricity, and gas. Therefore, home fire prevention is particularly important. Pay attention to the safety of fire, electricity, and gas to avoid fires. . Let me briefly introduce the precautions for home fire prevention: 1. Educate children not to play with fire at home, popularize common fire knowledge and the consequences of fire, and tell children not to play at home, especially when adults are away . 2. Don't litter cigarette butts, don't smoke in bed. 3. Do not connect wires randomly. Do not use copper or iron wires for circuit fuses. 4. Do not store more than 0.5 liters of flammable and explosive items such as gasoline, alcohol, and water in the home. 5. Keep people away from open flames. Do not use open flames to find items. 6. Before leaving home or going to bed, check whether the electrical appliances are powered off, whether the gas valve is closed, and whether the open flame is out. 7. Do not pile up sundries in corridors, stairways, etc., and ensure the smooth passage of passages and safety exits. 8. If you find a gas leak, you should quickly close the gas source valve, open the windows and doors for ventilation, do not touch the electrical switches and use open flames, and promptly notify the professional maintenance department to deal with it. 10-23 13:28
Yike: 9. Evacuation exits should be reserved for houses equipped with anti-theft nets and other facilities. 10. If the weather is cold in winter, if you use a stove for heating, it is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive items near the stove, and flammable wooden furniture must be at a certain distance from the stove. 11. Use electrical appliances correctly. When the electrical appliances are used, turn off the electrical switches in time to prevent the electrical appliances from overheating and causing a fire. 12. In case of fire caused by improper use of electrical appliances, the power should be cut off immediately before extinguishing the fire. Do not pour with water first, as this will cause electric shock in the human body. 13. Keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter between the liquefied gas cylinder and the stove. When using, open the gas valve first and then ignite; after use, close the gas valve and then close the stove switch. Do not dump the liquefied petroleum gas residue at will. If you find a gas leak, you should quickly close the gas source valve, open the doors and windows for ventilation, do not touch the electrical switches and use open flames, and do not make calls or mobile phones in the gas leakage place. 10-23 13:28
Xinxin: What are the dangers of charging a battery car in the corridor? 10-23 13:29
Yike: In recent years, fire accidents of electric vehicles in China have occurred frequently and have shown a year-on-year growth trend. Since most electric bicycle bodies are flammable and combustible materials, once they catch fire, they will quickly burn and generate a large amount of toxic and harmful smoke, which is extremely easy. Causes casualties. On a daily basis, charging a battery car in the corridor has the following hazards: 1. Blocking the escape channel, the electric vehicle produces a lot of black smoke, which can easily lead to insufficient light in the building. When a fire occurs, it will hinder the escape and rescue of personnel; 2. Private pull There is a danger of electric shock from the electric wires; 3. Charging the narrow corridor is likely to cause chain burning of electric vehicles; 4. After the combustion experiment, the electric bicycle emits acrid thick smoke about 1 minute after the fire, which floods the corridor. Easy to cause casualties. Then an explosion occurred, and the flame temperature reached 1200 ° C in 3 minutes. In June this year, the Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued an important notice: it is strictly forbidden to “enter the house” of electric bicycles, and at the same time, if the centralized parking area of electric bicycles is directly connected to other parts, fire separation facilities must be provided; If the charging method is illegal, charging must be corrected in time, and education warnings must be strengthened. If there are flammable and flammable materials around the parking of electric bicycles, they must be cleaned up in time to ensure a safe distance. Therefore, for the safety of everyone, we also call on the masses to strictly prohibit electric vehicles from charging in the corridor, and we must develop good electric vehicle parking and charging habits. 10-23 13:29
Huahai: How to deal with fire in high-rise buildings? 10-23 13:30
Yike: When a fire occurs in a high-rise building, do not take an ordinary elevator, and use the fire escape to escape. To choose the correct direction of escape: Generally, the fire will reach the stage of violent burning only 6 minutes after the fire of the building. Rushing down, running up, sticking to the bathroom and broken windows are all ways to escape. When the point of fire is on this floor, you should still evacuate to the emergency evacuation exit. If the point of fire is on the upper floor, escape to the downstairs. If the point of fire is on the lower floor, and fire and smoke have blocked the way to escape, you should go to the roof as soon as possible Escape from the platform; if you find that the fire or smoke is catching up or the upward passage is blocked when you escape to the roof platform, you must decisively change the escape route and escape from the safe passage on the other floor. If the fire and smoke have surrounded the corridor and outdoor, return to the room and find a room, seal the doors and windows to prevent smoke from entering, and then wait for the firefighters to arrive. During a fire, most of those killed in the fire died because of hypoxia and asphyxiation and smoke poisoning. Therefore, when you must escape through the smoke, you should try to cover your body with soaked clothing, cover your mouth and nose, and escape near the ground. Out. Judging from the fire rescue case, the current high-rise residential fires are mainly caused by kitchens and appliances. Therefore, we usually do a good job of fire prevention. 10-23 13:30
Moderator: What is the specific way to report fire hazard complaints in my county? 10-23 13:30
Yike: In order to strengthen social supervision in the field of fire safety, maximize the enthusiasm of the people to participate in fire protection work, timely find and eliminate fire hazards, stop and punish fire safety violations, prevent and reduce fire accidents, according to fire laws and regulations Regarding relevant regulations, any unit and individual (hereinafter collectively referred to as the whistleblower) can report complaints about fire hazards and fire safety violations to the fire rescue agency by telephone, fax, letter, network, and visits. (You can call 119 or the fire rescue team office at 5610119 to report a complaint; or write a letter and report it to the fire rescue team.) 10-23 13:30
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