Announcement of Solicitation of Conceptual Design Schemes for Antique Blocks in Mafang Street and Sleepy Niushan District of Zizhong County
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   In order to scientifically and rationally develop and use the ancient city of Zizhong, and ensure that the architectural style and format of the ancient city meet the requirements for the protection and sustainable development of the ancient city of Zizhong, the Bureau plans to carry out the conceptual planning and design of Mafang Street and the trapped Niushan area. :

I. Project owner and project name

Project owner: Zizhong County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

Project Name: Conceptual Design of Antique Blocks in Mafang Street and Sleepy Niushan District of Zizhong County

Project Introduction

(I) Project scale

350 亩。 The total planned area is about 350 acres.

(II) Project location

190 亩;睏牛山片区位于资中古城建筑控制区东侧,北靠睏牛山,西临重龙大道,南临磐石大道,规划面积约 160 亩。 Mafang Street is a provincial-level historical and cultural district approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government. It is located in Donglinba District, north of Zizhong County, Dadong Street Historic District in the west, and Minjiang River in the south. The planned area of Mafang Street is about 190 mu; It is located on the east side of the construction control area of the ancient city of Zizhong, adjacent to Niushan in the north, Chonglong Avenue in the west, and Panshi Avenue in the south. The planned area is about 160 acres.

3. Task requirements

(A) development positioning and planning goals

5A 级旅游景区。 According to the high standards, specialization and advance development requirements, based on the protection of the existing ancient city of Zizhong, with the goal of strengthening the tourism function of the ancient city of Zizhong and improving the tourism industry system of the ancient city, by fully digging and using historical and cultural tourism resources in Zizhong, design Commercial and residential districts with attractive markets have become the core supporting unit of the ancient city of Zizhong, leading the development and utilization of the ancient city, and finally integrating the resources of Zhonglong Mountain, Wenwu Temple, and Zhuangyuan Street Cultural Tourism to build the ancient city of Zizhong into a 5A -level tourist attraction.

(Two) project content

The content of this project collection mainly includes project planning and conceptual design. “项目策划”重点研究功能构成、规模配比及业态布局,“概念设计”重点研究空间布局、总体及局部风貌设计。 Among them, "Project Planning" focuses on the functional composition, scale ratio and business layout, and "Conceptual Design" focuses on spatial layout, overall and local style design. The solicitation scope of this proposal is mainly the Mafang Street area, covering the plots in the trapped Niushan area, and the overall integration with the historical streets of Dadong Street will be considered. The design results reach the depth of the conceptual design scheme. 彩印装订文本6份、电子版 1 份(平面图同时提交 CAD 格式电子版)。 The required materials include, but are not limited to, conceptual plans and design plans, bird's-eye views, general planning and design, economic indicators, important node intention maps, etc., 6 copies of A3 color-bound binding text and 1 electronic version (floor plans should be submitted in CAD format electronically) Version).

4. Method of Solicitation and Selection

3 家应征规划设计单位进行本次概念设计方案比选。 The solicitation activity released the solicitation information through the online media, and adopted the method of open registration to solicit planning and design units. Three applicants were selected for selection through the qualification review for the conceptual design scheme comparison. The plan solicitor provides information such as topographic maps and project planning and design requirements. Project site surveys and investigations are organized by participating companies in planning and planning, and the solicitor provides convenience.

After the solicitation of the scheme, the solicitor organizes industry experts to evaluate the planning scheme. During the selection of the experts, the planning and planning company needs to arrange personnel to explain and report the scheme (the specific assessment scheme will be determined and notified separately according to the actual situation of the solicitation of the scheme).

V. Work plan for soliciting proposals

(I) Registration conditions

1. Have Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning, Grade A qualification for national tourism planning and design, or Grade A cultural relic protection survey and design; and Grade B or above for architectural design (industry qualification);

2. The person in charge of the project should be a registered building planner with a senior title or above;

2013 1 1 日至今,以中标通知书或者合同复印件为准); 3. With similar project performance ( from January 1 , 2013 to the present, the bid winning notice or contract copy shall prevail);

4. Consortiums are allowed to participate, with no more than two members.

(B) Registration time

2019 12 15 18:00 The solicitation announcement is published until 18:00 , December 15 , 2019 .

(Three) registration methods

Design units who are eligible to register for this solicitation, please prepare the following materials before the deadline, and send them to the mailbox by electronic registration:

1. Prepare the application form for unit solicitation.

2. Business license of the unit.

3. Unit qualification certificate.

4. Project owner's qualification certificate and title

5. Relevant achievements such as drawings or contracts or award certificates.

The above information is a scanned copy with the official seal of the unit.

(4) Selection of design unit

3 个工作日内,由业主组织相关专家组成评审组,依据所提供的报名资料,综合考虑业绩、技术、人员、信誉等方面因素,从中选定 3 家设计单位承担该项目规划编制。 Within 3 working days after the deadline for application , the owner-organized relevant experts will form a review team. Based on the application information provided, comprehensive consideration of performance, technology, personnel, reputation and other factors will be selected, and 3 design units will be selected to undertake the project planning. prepared by. 3 个工作日内通知入围单位,发出入围通知书 ( 同时电话告知 ) Once the design unit is determined, the owner will notify the short-listed units within 3 working days, and issue a short-listed notice ( also notified by phone ) . 3 个工作日内到业主单位签订履约合同并进场踏勘。 If you confirm your participation in the program selection, please sign a performance contract with the owner within 3 working days of receiving the shortlist notice and enter the site. If the unit receiving the short-listing notice signs a contract in the future, the owner has the right to replenish subsequent design units in sequence. Unfinished units will not be notified.

(V) Compensation for technical achievements

50 万元,第二名:人民币 30 万元,第三名 : :人民币 20 万元。 Compensation rate: first place: RMB 500,000 , second place: RMB 300,000 , third place :: RMB 200,000 .

Six, other

The official contact information related to this project is as follows:

Contact address: Zizhong County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

王聪 Contact: Wang Cong

13989117596 Phone: 13989117596


资中县水南镇劳动巷 7 Mailing address: No. 7 Labor Lane , Shuinan Town , Zizhong County

641200 Postal code: 641200

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