Announcement on the selection of construction enterprises for the county-level fiscal special poverty alleviation funds project of the People's Government of Zoma County in Zizhong County in 2019
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2019年县级财政专项扶贫资金项目实施方案〉的批复》(资中府函〔2019〕 187号)文件 精神,我镇为认真做好基础设施项目建设工作,现受坳堰塘村民委员会委托,经研究,向社会公开招标,诚邀符合资格条件的施工企业参与本项目的建设,现将有关事项公告如下: According to the document “Zizhong County People's Government 's Reply to the Implementation Plan of Zizhong County's 2019 County-level Financial Special Poverty Alleviation Fund Project” (Zizhongfuhan [2019] No. 187) , our town has done a good job in infrastructure project construction , Is currently entrusted by the villagers' committee of Yanyantang. After research, it invites the public to invite tenders. Construction enterprises that meet the qualification requirements are invited to participate in the construction of this project. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

I. Project Overview

资中县走马镇 2019年县级财政专项扶贫资金项目。 Project Name: 2019 County-level Financial Special Poverty Alleviation Fund Project in Zoma Town , Zizhong County .

拟于 2019年12月上旬开工,2019年12月28日完工。 Construction time: It is planned to start construction in early December 2019 and be completed on December 28, 2019.

坳堰塘村民委员会。 Project implementation subject: Liyantang Village Committee.

坳堰塘村 5社、9社。 Construction site: No. 5 and No. 9 in Wuyantang Village .

新建 1.5公里水泥路,具体内容以施工设计图纸为准。 Construction content: 1.5 kilometers of cement road is newly constructed. The specific content is subject to the construction design drawings.

项目计划投入 105万元,其中财政资金投入84万元,群众投劳折资21万元。 Total investment of the project : The planned investment of the project is 1.05 million yuan, of which 840,000 yuan will be invested by the financial capital and 210,000 yuan will be reduced by the masses.

Requirements for Construction Enterprises

1. Qualified as an independent legal person;

2. Possess qualifications of Grade II and above for general construction contracting;

3. The person in charge of engineering technology has the qualification of second-class construction engineer or above, and has a strong certificate of construction;

4. Each enterprise can only authorize one entrusted agent to participate in the registration, and the same enterprise authorizes more than one person to participate in the registration, which will be considered as invalid registration; the project does not accept the consortium registration.

Third, other requirements for construction enterprises

1. Construction companies should pay 2,000 yuan in bidding deposit. Margin transfer voucher must be provided within the prescribed registration time. Failure to pay the bid security deposit within the time limit will be deemed to automatically give up the candidate qualification;

2. The main personnel of the construction unit (project manager, technical person in charge and construction staff, safety officer, quality inspector, material staff, budgeter) must be employees of the unit, and those above the selected unit shall carry out the construction of the mortgage;

3. Project manager (constructor) qualification of the construction unit: level two or above, with intermediate title or above, and a certificate of safety production assessment;

4. Refund time of unselected construction unit: One-time refund (without interest) within 5 working days after the construction unit is selected.

Fourth, public announcement time

3天。 The bidding publicity time is 3 days.

V. Application Methods and Qualification Examination

(I) Registration time

1天,2019年12月9日(北京时间上午9:00-12:00,下午14:30-18:00),逾期不予受理。 The registration time is 1 day, December 9, 2019 (9: 00-12: 00 am Beijing time, 14: 30-18: 00 pm Beijing time). Late registrations will not be accepted.

Registration Location: Economic Development Office, People's Government of Zuma

(B) Registration procedures and qualification review

Construction enterprises intending to participate in the election shall submit relevant materials to the Economic Development Office of the People's Government of Zuma Town for qualification examination during the registration period. After passing the examination, they may participate in random selection. Construction enterprises applying for registration shall submit the following materials at the same time as registration:

1. Enterprise introduction letter, legal representative's ID card or legal representative's power of attorney and authorized agent's ID card, original and photocopy.

2. Enterprise business license (copy), qualification certificate (copy), production safety license (copy), tax registration certificate (copy), organization code certificate (copy);

3. The original and photocopy of the qualification certificate, professional title certificate of the person in charge of the project and the person in charge of technology who intends to invest in the project;

4. The bank transfer voucher for the construction enterprise to pay the registration fee and bid deposit.

A4纸编制,按以上顺序左侧装订成册。 The above materials are all compiled on A4 paper, and bound on the left side in the order above. The above materials shall be checked for the original, and a copy with the seal of the construction enterprise shall be received.

施工队伍选择方式 Selection method of construction team

1. Construction enterprises that have passed the qualification review will be notified separately of the time and place for the construction unit to choose the conference. The selection procedure is: under the on-site supervision of the relevant county-level departments, towns and project village representatives, the representatives selected by the project village will first extract construction from the construction enterprises that have passed the compliance review and paid the bid deposit in full and on time. The units are sorted and then one randomly selected three times as a candidate construction team. The construction team drawn for the first time is taken as the first candidate, the second drawn for the second candidate, and the third drawn for the third candidate.

2. If there are less than 3 construction teams that have passed the compliance review and have paid the bid deposit in full and on time, issue a second announcement. If the number of construction teams that have registered and passed the compliance review after the second announcement is still less than 3 If there are two construction teams that have passed the compliance review and have paid their bid deposits in full and on time, there will be two construction teams selected at random each time as a candidate construction team. The construction team drawn for the first time is used as the first candidate, and the construction team drawn for the second time is used as the second candidate. (2) When there is one construction team that has passed the compliance review and has paid the bid deposit in full and on time, the construction team can be directly determined as Candidate construction team.

3. Determination of the selected construction team: The project implementation subject shall publicize the extraction results in the project area, and the publicity period shall be no less than 3 working days. After the publicity period expires, the first candidate is the selected construction company, and the project implementation body issues a "Notice of Selection". If the first candidate abandons the selection for unjustified reasons such as funds, technology, and construction period, his bid security deposit will be confiscated, the second candidate will become the selected construction company, and so on.

4. Contract signing time: The project implementation entity shall sign a contract with the construction enterprise within 3 days of the issuance of the selection notice.

Seven, contact and registration deposit payment methods

人:夏晓刚 Contact : Xia Xiaogang

18181593723 Phone: 18181593723

Registration deposit paid to: Zoma County Finance Office, Zizhong County

Bank: Zoma County Rural Credit Cooperative Branch

88100120002341939 Bank account number: 88100120002341939



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