Letter Title: Account migration
Letter from: what Letter time: April 28, 2017 18:36
Content of the letter: Hello, I would like to inquire about the account relocation matters. My hukou is in Songjia Town, Zizhong. Now I want to move my hukou to Chengdu. Excuse me, I only need to bring the permit to move in, and what other information do I need to bring back? Also, is it handled in Zizhong County Public Security Bureau or in Songjia Town Police Station? Thank you.
Reply to: public security bureau Reply time: May 02, 2017 08:50
Content of reply: According to Article 10 of the "Regulations on the Registration of Household Registration in the People's Republic of China": When a citizen moves out of the jurisdiction of the household registration, the person or the head of the household shall report to the household registration authority before the removal, obtain the migration certificate, and cancel the household registration. According to the above provisions, the person or the head of the household can go to the police station (Shuanghe Police Station) where the permanent residence is located to complete the account removal procedures based on the account book and the permit to move. day).