Letter Title: Immigration
Letter from: Zhu Junguang Letter time: April 07, 2017 02:31
Content of the letter: Hong Kong and Macau Pass
Reply to: public security bureau Reply time: April 07, 2017 09:15
Content of reply: For the first time to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao Pass, provide your original ID card (the ID card of the address in Zizhong County), the original hukou certificate (if the collective account does not have an hukou certificate, a permanent resident registration form will be issued at the police station in the area under jurisdiction), and Sichuan Telecom Direct Train Inspection A photo receipt, a 2-inch color photo on white background, and I fill in the form at the immigration reception room, and collect a fingerprint. The cost is: RMB 100 for Hong Kong and Macau Pass, and RMB 20 for one endorsement. Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm 1:30 pm-5:00 pm (except national statutory holidays) If the national staff for the filing of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit application, they must issue the consent of the national staff for registration The time limit for the first time to apply for a certificate is 10 working days, and the time limit for Hong Kong and Macao to endorse the commitment is 7 working days. You can choose to receive the certificate by mail or in the immigration reception room of the Zizhong County Public Security Bureau. If you have any questions, please call the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of Zizhong County Public Security Bureau on 0832-55301202. Or, please contact the website of the Immigration Management Brigade at 2861880982 for inquiries at heap: //gaj.derascars.com/008534250/crj/.